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The reviewing process goes through all the articles that come to the editorial board of the Scientific and Production Journal “States and Regions. Series: Humanities.

The purpose of peer review is to promote the rigorous selection of author's manuscripts for publication and to make specific recommendations for their improvement. The review process is focused on the most objective assessment of the content of the scientific article, determining its compliance with the requirements of the journal and provides a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the article.

The peer review is conducted by a member of the editorial board confidentially on the principles of double-blind peer review (two-way "blind" peer review when neither the author nor the reviewer know about each other).

Criteria for reviewing:

1. Is the topic relevant to the journal's scientific profile?

2. Does the title of the article reflect the content and purpose of this article?

3. Is scientific reasoning logical and convincing?

4. Are the results of the study methodologically correct?

5. Are the findings of the study fully and correct? Do they show what is new and offer suggestions for further research?

6. Can or should some parts of the article be reduced, deleted, expanded or revised?

Based on the peer review, the author may receive one of the following answers: the article is accepted for publication, it is recommended to edit the article, the author is denied publication.